Women want sex as much as men: Some desire it 6 times a week

NEW YORK: Women don’t feel like they’re having enough sex – with some craving it more than six times a week. But there is one thing that is stopping that from happening: Stress. As the findings of a new study show, some women are indeed starving and craving for action between the sheets, at least six times a week. But stress is keeping them from getting what they want. (Who knew, right?).


With an aim to explore common stereotypes such as what factors affect women’s sex drive, the famous fertility awareness app Kindara asked 500 women who use the app their take on the female libido.


Kindara is an iPhone app created by a husband and wife team in Boulder, Colorado.


While 75% of women said they want sex more than three times a week, 13% crave it more than six times over the week. Nearly 70% of the participants said they reach orgasm during every sexual encounter.


Most of them, however, reinforced that emotional connection is key for super sex, Daily Mail reported. Some (23%), however, disagreed and said foreplay is more important than anything else.


The findings showed that the female libido is also affected if women feel out of sync with a partner (28%), not in the mood (20%) or struggle with their self image (20%).

Earlier, a University of Michigan study had found that women like casual sex as much as men if the stigma is removed from accepting the offer and the experience involves a “great lover”.


“I think a lot of my work is just about applying common sense. Are we really going to believe women do not like sex as much as men,” asked Terri Conley, assistant professor of psychology and women’s studies.


“Men are clearly not universally driven to accept casual sex more frequently than are women,” she added.


“Women accepted fewer casual sex offers from men than vice versa because the men who proposed the experience were perceived to have relatively poorer sexual capabilities,” Conley had explained.