Attempt to murder case against actress Bobby

Attempt to murder case against actress Bobby

A case of theft and attempted murder has been filed against actress Yamin Haque Bobby. Muhammad Saqib Uddoza filed the case at Gulshan Police Station on June 23 at noon.

While Bobby Haque was made the second accused in this case, the first accused is Abul Bashar, whose full name is Mirza Abul Basar.

In the case report, it is said that the crime of assault with intent to kill, causing simple injury, theft, damage and intimidation. Sub Inspector Anwar Hossain of Gulshan police station is investigating the case under sections 323, 325, 307, 379, 427, 506.

In this regard, Gulshan police station OC Mazharul Islam said, ‘Both parties have filed two cases. They are now on bail. I called them tonight. Let’s see if we can come to a solution by sitting with both parties.

When asked about the case from Bobby, the actress did not comment.

It is reported that Bobby and Mirza Abul Basar jointly bought a restaurant in Gulshan’s YN Centre. The actress named the restaurant ‘Bobstar’ .

Bobby and Bashar were supposed to pay Tk 55 lakh to the previous owner of this restaurant. First gave a check of 15 lakhs and then 10 lakhs, but both the checks bounced. A dispute arises when the first party owner repeatedly asks for money. When the first party asked for money, Bobby and his partner Abul Basar kept threatening them.

In this regard, the first owner of the restaurant, Aman Ullah Aman, told the media, “Bobby and Bashar tried to take over the restaurant by force. I have not received the money that was supposed to be paid to me as per the contract. So I have taken refuge in the law.