“Ganjam” on 22th June

“Ganjam” on 22th June

Guerrillaz of Dhaka is all set to drop their First music video, “Ganjam” which is a tribute of a popular Deshi Mcs song from 2007.

The video will be premiered at the Indira Road branch of Heavy Metal T Shirt at 6pm, 22nd June.

Formed in September 2022, Guerrillaz of Dhaka is a Rap x Metal (NuMetal) band from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Ganjam, is the first of many from this band, who are lining up more songs, blending multiple genres.

Current lineup:

Skibkhan – Rapper & Lyricist

Samael Shahariar (Ravael) – Lead vocalist & composer

Rian Khan (Hellriser) – guitarist

Ishmam Shadman (Shademan) – guitarist

Nahiyan Hasan (NHN) – bass

Aiyanur Rahman Aryan (Eklectik) – Beatboxer

Masfakul Islam (Mass Factor) – Drummer.

Ridhwan Parvez Shayokh – manager

They will release more original songs in this year! Currently they are active for live shows.