Canada based band Iron Clef

Canada based band Iron Clef

A Hard Rock & Heavy Metal band based in Ontario, Canada.

The name of the band aptly captures their goal to create exquisite and melodious music that will leave an indelible mark on their audience their harmonies are like Iron,able to be locked within the hearts of their listeners, eternally reverberating in their spirits.

In the starting band formed by Schizan, Anik and Saad. Then after two months guitarist got introduced to Schizan and later he joined the band.

Toronto’s own metal sensation Iron Clef is making a significant impact in the music scene with their distinctive fusion of heavy riffs, melodic hooks and intense vocals. This talented band, comprised of Bangladeshi musicians, possesses an undeniable chemistry that captivates audiences.

Iron Clef’s music weaves together classic Heavy Metal, Thrash and Melodic Metal appealing to fans of all metal subgenres. Their introspective lyrics delve into thought provoking themes, including personal struggles, societal issues and the human condition, forging a deep emotional connection with listeners with an unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries, Iron Clef guarantees an unforgettable metal experience for their devoted fans. Brace yourself for a sonic journey filled with powerful riffs, thundering drums and soaring vocals that will leave you yearning for more. Iron Clef is here to take you on a relentless onslaught of pure metal intensity.

Iron Clef performed some legendary songs to celebrate Artcell 25th Anniversary in Canada!
Warfaze- Na, Tomake
Aurthohin: Aushomapto, Shurjo 2
Cryptic Fate: Bhoboghure
Metallica: Master Of Puppet
Nagar Baul Medly: Sultana, Mirabai
Own track: Nil Prithibi

Their own track ‘Nil Pritibi’ is coming soon!

Current Lineup:
Guest Vocal: Rayhan
Guest Keyboardist: Rifat
Guitar & Vocal: Anik
Guitar & Vocal: Opu
Bass: Schizan
Drums: Saad