The Pros and Cons of Getting a Customized VIP Facebook Account Name

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Customized VIP Facebook Account Name

Facebook offers an upgraded subscription option called Facebook VIP Accounts that provides extra features and benefits not available with regular free accounts. One of the perks included with a VIP Facebook Account name is the ability to get a customized vanity username. Regular accounts are restricted to using real full names, but Facebook allows VIP users to create unique handles. Having a one-of-a-kind username can make your Facebook profile stand out. But are the eccentric vip account names worth paying for? This article will explore the pros and cons of customized Facebook VIP usernames.

Express Individuality and Creativity

Vanity usernames enable people to express their individuality and creativity. Rather than just another “John Smith” profile, you can make a unique name like “Sk8BoardMaster” or “TreeClimberGirl.” It lets you showcase hobbies, interests, personality quirks, or whatever you want through a customized handle. For those who want a Facebook profile to represent their personal brand or share their passions, a customized VIP username can help achieve that.

Increased Privacy and Anonymity

VIP usernames also offer more privacy and anonymity. Using a pseudonym rather than your real identity keeps you distanced from strangers and vague acquaintances. You control how private or public to make your personal info. A fanciful username paired with heightened privacy settings available to VIP Accounts can protect your identity and footprint online.

Stand Out from Normal Users

VIP Facebook Account Name

Additionally, an imaginative VIP Facebook Account name helps you stand out from the masses of regular users with mundane names. Millions of people have indistinguishable profiles like “Michael Johnson” or “Sarah Lee.” But gain instant individuality with a funny, weird or clever handle that gets people curious when they see your comments and posts. The unique name gives your profile more allure and memorability.

Align with Branding or Gamertags

For those trying to build a brand or following, a customized VIP Facebook Account name can match other social media handles or gamer tags. Maintaining a consistent identity across platforms helps establish your persona and makes you easier to find. So “AnnieApple14” on Facebook aligns with your branding on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. A consistent niche username aids discoverability and cross-platform growth.

Show Dedication to Fandoms

Diehard fans can also flaunt their fandom through a VIP Facebook Account name. Superfans of bands, shows, gaming franchises, or public figures could make handles like “Swiftie4Ever” “StarWarsJediMaster” or “MuskMuse” to broadcast their obsession. For pop culture junkies, a themed username is a badge of honor that immediately identifies your top passion.

Humorous or Clever Wordplay

Additionally, customizing a VIP Facebook Account name allows for humorous, ironic, or clever wordplay. You can use puns, rhymes, alliteration, references, inside jokes or witty phrases. This allows you to show off your comedic side or just have fun being silly online. For example: “ParentingIsATrip” “CrochetHooked” or “LivinOnAPrayer.”

Can Be Changed in the Future

It’s also notable that VIP usernames are not permanent forever. If you eventually tire of your customized name, you can change it to something new for a small fee. So don’t stress about picking the perfect everlasting username now. Get creative with a fun name that reflects your current interests and personality, knowing you can modify it later as your tastes change.

Difficult to Get Exact Preferred Name

However, a downside is you may not get your first-choice username. Facebook has a vetting process for customized names and reserves the right to deny certain handles. Various pop culture names, brands, slurs, offensive terms, etc. are prohibited. So you may have to go through some trial and error to find an approved VIP name that Facebook allows.

Friends May Not Find You Easily

Another potential annoyance is friends or family not being able to find or identify you with an obscure VIP username. Since they’re searching for your real name, your wacky handle won’t turn up. You’ll have to manually search and connect with important contacts after changing your name. Some user coordination is required to align your VIP name with friends and family.

Monthly Cost Adds Up Over Time

And of course, the bigger drawback of fancying a VIP Facebook Account name is the paid monthly cost. While nice for super fans, having a customized username probably isn’t worth $2.99 – $9.99 per month for casual users. That recurring subscription fee adds up over time. So the novelty and uniqueness of a vanity name must be weighed against its ongoing expense for most folks.

Conclusion, VIP Facebook Account Name

In summary, a VIP Facebook Account name allows for creativity, customization, branding potential, and fun personalization. But the inability to get certain names you want, coordination needed with friends, and monthly costs can make customized handles impractical for many regular users. Evaluate your specific priorities and budget to determine if a VIP username aligns with your Facebook needs and goals. For super fans wanting to flaunt their passions, VIP names can be rewarding if the price is justified.

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