Record of British citizen’s bike tour in Bangladesh

Record of British citizen’s bike tour in Bangladesh

Historic Milestones Traveled by a British Citizen of Bangladesh Origin.

Mohib Abdur Rahman is a British citizen of Bangladesh origin. His father and mother are children of Bangladesh. Mohib Abdur Rahman was born in London. He rushes to Bangladesh every year. Love for nature, Bangladesh being his motherland, he always remembers Bangladesh in his mind. Like every year, this time he stayed in Bangladesh from August 21 to August 31. He visited the charming, historical places of various districts of Bangladesh.

He visited the famous Cox’s Bazar, the world’s longest beach in Bangladesh. Also, Maheshkhali Island, Chakaria, Lama, Alikadam, Thanchi, Toma Tongi, Nilgiris, Ampu Para/School, Chimbuk Pahar, Saram Para (Boum village), Bandarban, Kaptai, Rangamati (suspension bridge), Mahalchhari, Pineapple Gardens in Khagrachhari, Alutila Visit various tourist places including Tarang, Khagrachari city, Chittagong city.

When asked from tourist Mohib Abdur Rahman, he said, “Though I was born in London, my mind is always Bangladesh because Bangladesh is my motherland.” The birthplace of my parents is very beautiful, the beauty of nature has fascinated me. I did not know that the tourist places in Bangladesh are so beautiful. So I decided to visit all the tourist places in Bangladesh.

He also said that Bangladesh tourism places are an industry with immense potential, the government should pay attention to this, and if the facilities are good, the historical places of Bangladesh will be visited by international tourists.
Mohib Abdur Rahman was the first to record the tour of Bangladesh’s tourism sector by bike.