Domestic violence project “jege utho” started by Glamshow and JCI Dhaka uptown

Domestic violence project “jege utho” started by Glamshow and JCI Dhaka uptown

On 22nd of October 2022, a press conference was organised at Hotel Six Seasons Gulshan 2 by the Founder of Glamshow and the Vice. PRESIDENT OF Junior Chamber International Dhaka Uptown for a project named

“Jege Utho” Domestic Violence (Marriage & Non-marriage Violence)

The project is initiated to raise awareness against domestic violence (marriage&non-marriage). To minimise violence against Men/Women in relationships.

However, Ms. Raisa Naser Khan stated

“we have no intention to break relationships rather to open a platform where victims can reach for help towards us and we will be connecting them towards lawyers and help them legally if needed depending on the severity of the cases”

She also stated, We can also help you through relationship counsellors and save your beautiful relationship before it gets into severe stage of violence. We have a lot of positivity within us to help you sort out things if possible.

It has been pledged to provide free counselling for relationships through shinasa healthcare. (Upto 50patients this year).

The local president of Jci dhaka uptown Mr. Parvez ahmed pledged to help 50 victims legally through the Barristers and Lawyers associated with the project who are suffering with violence but are remaining quiet and being used to it. The special guests of the events were Mr. Imran Kadir Head of Marketing Daily star, National GLC Jci Bangladesh, MR. KAMRUL Chowdhury national vice president of Jci Bangladesh