RSRM MD arrested for ‘top defaulter’

RSRM MD arrested for ‘top defaulter’

RAB has arrested Maksudur Rahman, managing director (MD) of Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited (RSRM), one of the country’s top defaulters and a warrant accused.

He was arrested on Wednesday night (June 8) after raiding his house at No. 21, Road 120, Gulshan in the capital.

The matter was confirmed by Commander Khandaker Al Moin, Director, Legal and Media Wing, RAB.

He said the managing director (MD) of RSRM is one of the top defaulters and warrants in the country. Maksudur Rahman has been arrested on specific charges.

It is learned that on March 29, 2016, Laldighi East Corporate Branch of Janata Bank in Chittagong filed a case against Maksudur Rahman for recovery of defaulted loan. RSRM defaulter 312 crore 72 lakh 33 thousand taka in that branch.