Viral Apu’s web fiction with young creators

Viral Apu’s web fiction with young creators

Young creator SM Monir’s web fiction notes have been published on a YouTube channel called Sage Multimedia.

Monir has created the web fiction with the ticket Yasin Arafat Apu (Apu Bhai).

The story is written, scripted and directed by young producer SM Monir. It was also filmed by Saidul Islam in Uttara of the capital. As can be seen in the story,

The college student lost his loved one and became emotionally disturbed.

The character is being played by viral “tik-talker” actor Apu. Viewers will be captivated by the scenes full of suspense, action and emotion.

Rocky (Apu Bhai) has portrayed himself as a lively character. Afshana Jasmine, who has a side character, has also done a great job.

In all, the 23.33 minute film has been shot by the producer Monir.
Apu said about her character, Monir’s brother suddenly called me and said Apu wants to make a story about you.

I heard the story from my brother and agreed to work. I think the audience will get something different from me with this story.

I have tried to do good. I am requesting everyone to make good and bad comments.

Among others in the story were Khairul Alam, Afshana Jasmine, Priti Ahmed, Anita, Neyamat Rahman, Tasneem Adnan, Zaheer Faraji, Murad Hasan, Lipon Dhali and Yasin.