Group seeding of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka changed suddenly

Group seeding of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka changed suddenly

The group seeding of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the ongoing ICC Men’s T20 World Cup has been changed by the ICC going into the fourth day of the tournament.

As per ICC’s previous decision, Bangladesh qualifying irrespective of the position in the group were set to play in Group 2 in the Super 12s with India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, and A2 in the qualifying round as opponents.

But as per a ‘clarity’ through an email by the ICC on Wednesday, Bangladesh now if finishing runners-up in the qualifying group will be set in Group 1 and face England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, and A1.

“Clarity on Super 12 qualification – The teams that finish top of the standings in Group A and Group B, will take the position of A1 and B1 in the Super 12s. Therefore A2 and B2 will be taken by the second-place teams in each group respectively. It is not done on Round 1 group seedings,” said the ICC email.

The ICC revealing the tournament fixture on August 17 had informed Sri Lanka and Bangladesh moving into the main event would be considered as A1 and B1 respectively. But now the governing body of cricket in the world has come saying seeding of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh would be based on the team’s respective standing in the qualifying round.

Confusion however remains unsolved of the spectators who had bought tickets to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh matches in Super 12 considering the teams would be A1 and B1 respectively. ICC is yet to make a clarification on the issue as well.