Evaly: what did Russell tell the police?

Evaly: what did Russell tell the police?

The e-commerce company Evaly CEO and Managing Director (MD)  Russell and his wife, Shamima Nasrin, the company’s chairman, are currently in jail. Russell is lodged in Keraniganj Central Jail and his wife is lodged in Kashimpur Jail in Gazipur.

Russell was interrogated for four days in two rounds and his wife for three days. Police are preparing investigation reports and chargesheets of the cases against them on the basis of interrogation.

According to the investigation, during the police interrogation, Russell claimed that the customer’s anger, Evali’s liability and the current situation were normal. He repeatedly told police: “It’s not uncommon for a business to have these liabilities!”

According to the source, Russell has given the latest account of Evaly’s liability to the police. The police is preparing an investigation report in the light of that account and its own investigation. The police report provides information on Russell’s interrogation of Evali’s liability. There, Russell said, on August 19 and 26 and September 2, he audited the company’s asset statement, customer debt, number of customers and merchants’ liabilities.

Russell admitted to not delivering the product at the promised time. However, his wife could not say much. He doesn’t know much about Evaly. Although his position in the organization is ‘Chairman’, he got it from his family.
Gulshan police investigation officer SI Wahidul Islam said.

According to the report of that audit, the amount of his liability is 542 crore 99 lakh taka. Of this, merchants will get 205 crore 8 lakh taka. Russell told police about merchants’ debts: “Credit is a normal process in any business, it’s in all kinds of businesses.” In addition, merchants are getting 15 to 20 percent profit through Evali. So the debts of the merchants (205 crore 7 lakhs) are a normal and acceptable amount.