Taliban control over Afghanistan poses threat to Uyghur

Taliban control over Afghanistan poses threat to Uyghur

Kabul: A political analyst has said the current situation in Afghanistan, which has been captured by Taliban insurgents, is critical for the Uyghur community.

“Yes. The situation in Afghanistan is certainly critical for Uyghurs. The Taliban’s engagement with China expanded back into the late 1990s, when they first began engagement. It continued this engagement with China’s long-running underground diplomacy with the Taliban, but became much more public-facing,” Political analyst Bradley Jardine told RFA.

“The Chinese government essentially had assumed that the Taliban will have some sort of governing role in Afghanistan, so they hedged their bets in a way that they could cooperate with them,” the political analyst said.
The expert further said: “This poses a danger for Uyghurs. Historically, the Taliban have tried to move Uyghur populations in Afghanistan to monitor them. There are also cases of the Taliban deporting Uyghurs from the regions that they’ve controlled in Afghanistan. Increasingly, there are talks between the Chinese side and the Taliban representatives.”

The Taliban forces on Sunday took control over the Presidential Palace after entering Kabul city.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani escaped the nation as the Taliban entered Kabul.