ICRC treated over 4 thousand patients in 10 days

ICRC treated over 4 thousand patients in 10 days

The International Committee of the Red Cross in its latest statement said that they have treated more than four thousand people in Kandahar, Kunduz, Lashkar Gah, and other cities since August 1.

The committee has expressed concern over the ongoing atrocities and added that hundreds of thousands of civilians are at risk.

The report comes as the Taliban and Afghan government forces are waging war in more than 15 provinces of the war-ravaged country. UNICEF in a statement on Monday, August 9, said that 20 children have been killed and over 130 more wounded in three provinces in the past 72 hours.
The statement published by ICRC reads that 4 thousand and 42 patients wounded by weapons have been treated at 15 health facilities supported by ICRC which the committee believes to be showing the intensity of violence.

ICRC called on warring sides to shun violence and do not target vital infrastructure such as hospitals and protect from collateral damage.

The committee is also concerned about the health services prevented from functioning due to damages inflicted by conflicts.

As per the statement, street-to-street conflicts in Lashkar Gah, Kunduz, and other cities have injured hundreds of civilians and health facilities are facing a lack of staff.

ICRC has warned the conflicts if are not stopped, the number of civilian casualties will increase