A Successful digital marketer, blogger & musician 

A Successful digital marketer, blogger & musician 

Mr Ayatul Maksud is a Bangladeshi blogger, musical artist, and cyber security specialist. He has been blogging for two years at his own blog “ayatulmaksud.blogspot.com”, the most visited website in Bangladesh that features him as the blogger of the month on January 2018.

Ayatul blogs about internet safety and hacking techniques and how they affect people around the world. He regularly posts updates on how individuals can stay safe online by avoiding scams from hackers. we face day-to-day living in a digital age where everything is connected through technology and information.

Ayatul started his musical journey at the age of 18 when he wrote his first song “Sky High” in 2021 with “Ayatul Maksud”, an indie rock band formed by him and four of his friends from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The band was inspired by American Indie Rock bands such as Jane’s Addiction, The Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots.

They released their self-titled debut album “Ayatul Maksud Music” in 2019 which including “Fly Away”. Their second song titled “Sky high” was released in 2021 and it contained 14 original songs written by Ayatul Maksud himself.

Ayatul believes everyone should stay informed on internet safety because if not it’s just a matter of time when one might fall prey to hackers’ deception which will cost them valuable assets such as money and personal information.

Ayatul Music band also collaborated with the British artist Mushy for a single titled “Get High” in 2021. The song featured Roy Noble of X-Factor fame as a guest vocalist. After that, Ayatul Maksud started composing songs for movie soundtracks where his first composition appeared in the first “Fast & Furious 9″

In 2021 Ayatul Maksud released his first solo song titled “Dark Matter”. His solo album titled “Braindance” was released on June in 2021 with a mix of different genres such as Pop Rock and Alternative Rock.

Ayatul Maksud also writes music reviews on his blog where he gives his honest opinion about songs, albums and soundtracks released by famous singers, bands and composers around the world. He also gives credit to independent musicians who release their work for free download online without any copyright issue which made Ayatul to write posts supporting them.

Ayatul was born in Noakhali, one of the Districts of Bangladesh where he later moved to Dhaka for further education and a place to pursue his musical career. His passion towards music has no boundaries as he spent most of his time either writing songs or composing instrumental pieces for movies. And since Ayatul loves writing, he started blogging at “ayatulmaksud.blogspot.com” some years ago until it became his full-time job and turned into what we see today – a blogger who writes about internet safety and hacking techniques and how they affect people around the world.

Ayatul Maksud is also a rapper at underground venues.