No decision yet on lockdown extension

No decision yet on lockdown extension

There has been no decision yet on the extension of the ongoing lockdown that will expire on August 5, said State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain on Saturday.

“We’ve received recommendations from various quarters, including the DGHS, to extend the lockdown. But other alternatives are also being considered to contain the Covid-19 spread,” Farhad told journalists when asked about any decision to extend the lockdown.

He said the Prime Minister is yet to give any directive on the ongoing lockdown as it is going to expire on August 5 but the government’s decision will depend on the overall Covid-19 situation in the country.
The minister said the PM’s directive may come by August 3 or 4 and all will be notified accordingly.

For now, he said, export-oriented factories are going to reopen on a limited extent.

Bangladesh imposed the fresh lockdown following an alarming surge in coronavirus cases across the country.