Covid-19 will leave Bangladesh soon

Covid-19 will leave Bangladesh soon

Covid-19 death rate has remained very low considering the population, says Zahid Maleque

Coronavirus will soon leave Bangladesh on its own, according to Health Minister Zahid Maleque.

He made the comment speaking as the chief guest at a discussion meeting on the occasion of National Mourning Day at the BCPS Auditorium in Mohakhali on Saturday afternoon.

The health minister said: “Several countries have come a long way in developing vaccines. We are in contact with those who are making the vaccines, and trying to bring the vaccines here.

“We have a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina the day after tomorrow where we’ll discuss many issues including vaccines.”

Maleque continued: “We’re very happy that the number of Covid-19 patients has already decreased in Bangladesh, and the death rate has also come down.

“Bangladesh will be coronavirus-free very soon. I don’t know if we’ll even need vaccines. Nevertheless, we have taken all the preparations; we have also made preparations for the vaccine.”

Nobody in the world had any idea or experience about the coronavirus, and nobody knew how to keep the spread of the virus in control, Maleque said.

“In spite of that, we are in a good position now; the Covid-19 death rate here is very low considering the population,” he added.

The health minister said: “The infection rate is on the decline. The economy was at a standstill but it is returning to normalcy again.

“Confidence has been instilled in people’s mind due to the declining death rate and the fact that 70% of hospital beds are empty. No one was left to suffer without treatment at hospitals. This is why people now dare to go out.

“People are no longer afraid because they are aware of the treatment facilities, which is the achievement of the Health Ministry.”

The minister added: “There is no need to visit hospitals as patients are receiving treatment from home. There is no scope to underestimate this success. Everyone can criticize, but working and criticizing are two different things, and we believe in working.”

Abul Basar Mohammad Khurshid Alam, newly appointed director-general of the Directorate General of Health Services, presided over the meeting.