Half a crore losses in the terrible fire in Matlab

Half a crore losses in the terrible fire in Matlab

Shop owners estimate that the fire in Chandpur’s Matlab North Sujatpur Bazaar has caused a loss of about half a crore Taka.The fire broke out in an instant when an object suddenly exploded from a shop on the south side of the market at 1:05 pm on Tuesday.

The idea is that the fire may have started from a gas cylinder in a bicycle repair shop.

Within 20 minutes of the blaze, a fire service team arrived at the scene and rushed to contain the blaze. About an hour later, firefighters were able to contain the blaze.

Mr Asifuzzaman, station officer of Matlab Fire Service, said that after receiving the news, two units of the fire service were able to bring the fire under control after trying for an hour. However, he said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

Mr Dewan Abul Khair, local UP chairman at the scene, said he would continue to do his utmost to co-operate with the affected shop owners.
According to local sources, 4 shops including sanitary shops, pharmacies, bicycle repair shops and hotels were damaged.