Sukanya becomes a Grandprize winner of SOPWBAOCP 2020

Sukanya becomes a Grandprize winner of SOPWBAOCP 2020

Sukanya Basu Mallik becomes a ‘Grandprize winner of SOPWBAOCP 2020’. The 21 year old author who recently saw success with her writing career through the publication of her books and her winning entry for the ‘All India Short story contest’ led by Ruskin Bond, is now all set to be published along with other winning modern poets in the upcoming anthology, “SONGS OF PEACE: WORLD’S BIGGEST ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY POETRY 2020”.

“I woke up to the good news”, says Sukanya, “the first unread email in my inbox said, ‘Congratulations!
You have made your nation proud! You are a Grandprize winner of SOPWBAOCP 2020, A competition for poem publication in the world’s biggest anthology of contemporary poetry. ‘, I’m so glad. This news came right after my poetry was declared ‘literary’ by critic Yu.

The competition saw thousands of entries from 139 nations of the world. The poems that were selected were on the theme of peace.

All winners will be awarded the Grand Prize 2020 honorary certificates by mail from 11th-18th of Febuary 2020. After the anthology publication on 10th of March 2020, the book shall be shipped in bulk to different institutions globally!