Zakir Khan followers on the highway demanding the release of Khaleda Zia

Zakir Khan followers on the highway demanding the release of Khaleda Zia

The country’s main opposition BNP has taken to the streets of Nrayanganj, demanding the withdrawal of false cases of former chief minister Begum Khaleda Zia, Tareq Zia and former president of Narayanganj district Chhatra Dal. In a rally organized on the day of victory of the country, the workers of BNP, Jubo Dal, Chhatra Dal, Volunteer Party, Tatidal, Fisheries Party, Generation 71 of Narayanganj district stayed on the path.
During this time, thousands of followers of the former president of the district Chhatra Dal, BNP leader Zakir Khan, took to the streets of the city.

From Monday morning, the leaders of the BNP and the organization started gathering at a rally in Deogov area to participate in the rally organized by Zakir Khan.
Thousands of activists gathered and started the colorful rally of Victory Day. The public view of the rally impressed the townspeople.

The rally ended around the main roads of the city at the victory pillar of the cultivated area. Leaders at the rally at this time, ‘Today you remember Zia. Zia, the proclaimer of independence, and the whole city rose in slogan demanding the release of Khaleda Zia, along with the Lao Lao Lao Salam. Later, paying homage to millions of martyrs was paid homage.

At a brief rally, the leaders said that this government has corrupted democracy through oppression. This government, elected in a completely illegal way, has kept my leader Khaleda Zia in jail despite bail for fear of losing power. It is rare in the world to hold a completely innocent three-time former Prime Minister.

They said that our leader Zakir Khan has already asked to launch a dubious movement for the release of the country leader Begum Khaleda Zia. He said that even if life is to be given for the liberation of the country, do not be left behind. Because, there is no time to look back. Anyway, this nation must return to democracy. And the only way out of her is to be a patriot. If you are in the field, unite the movement of the united from the highway. ‘
The speakers added that we are not afraid to die of Zakir Khan’s staff. Our leader is not a cowardly coward, he is a witness in history. So no matter what the case may be, we will remain in the movement for liberation. We will bring the leader free, inshallah, through the difficult movement of the highway.

The meeting was attended by Narayanganj leader AD Sakhawat Hossain Khan, district BNP organizing secretary Ruhul Amin Shikdar, metropolitan BNP president Monir Hossain Khan, Narayanganj district fishermen’s party secretary Md. Aminul Islam, Jhanga Ahnga, Mahatra Ahsang. BNP Joint General Secretary Mohiuddin Shishir, District Juba Dal Co-President Pervez Mallick and general secretary A Delwar Hossain Shah, joint secretary of the district Chhatra Dal, Rakib Hasan Raj, joint link of the Chhatra Dal, Raj Khan and Chhatra Dal leader Md. Irfan Mahmud, Sagar Siddiqui, Ibrahim Babu, Joint Secretary of the metropolitan fishery group, Md. Rajib Mondal, Deen Islam Peace Member – Md. Khobir, Imran Hossain, Lyon Khan, Md. Rubel, Bakul Barman, Md. Bilal District Fisheries Party The convener of the meeting, HM Hossain, Md. Fahim Hossain, Mofiz Mahi, Ripon Sikder, Metropolitan Chhatra Dal; Sharon Mohammad Jisan, President of Narayanganj District Shahid Zia Chhatra Parishad, General Secretary Asif Head, Senior Vice President Zahirul Isla Bhuiyan, Senior Joint Secretary Ariful Islam Raj, Joint Secretary, Zakaria Ahmed Anik, Yasin Arafat, Rahat, Ridoy, Ismael Babu, Sifat, Saiful, Vice-President of Metropolitan Generation, Golap Ahmed, Dali Editor Sumanik, Joint Secretary Sajjad Hossain, Ayanal Haque, Social Welfare Secretary Nasir, including Social Welfare Secretary Raihan, Sadar Thana Matsibiji Party convener Sakhawat Hossain Jackie, Sadar Police Station Secretary Ahmed Ali, Bandar Upazila Matsubiji Party convener Nizam Uddin Bhuiyan, Member Secretary Md Shafiullah, Bandar Police Station Matsabiji Party Leader Sakhawat Hossain Pinki, Abdullah Al Mamun, Md Sohail.