Legal notice issued for stopping “No Dorai” exhibition

Legal notice issued for stopping “No Dorai” exhibition

Drawing accusations of hurting religious sentiments and spreading of unethical conductions, legal notices have been issued seeking cancellation of censor certificate and the ban on screening of country’s first-ever surfing movie “No Dorai”.

Md. Huzzatul Islam, a Supreme Court Lawyer, issued a legal notice to Information and Law secretary, producer of the film Mahbub Rahman, director Taneem Rahman and scriptwriter Shyamal Sengupta.

On Wednesday, the legal notices were sent to them by post asking to stop the screening of the film “No Dorai” within 48 hours and take necessary steps according to the notice. The letter also asked defenders to beg unconditional pardon for insulting Hazrat Ayesha (RA). Otherwise, a writ will be filed with the High Court.
The letter also mentioned that the main character of the movie has been depicted similar to the character of Hazrat Ayesha (RA), wife of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm). Hazrat Ayesha is holy and respectable to the followers of Islam. Al Quran terms her as ‘the mother’ of the believers. Porn scene of the main actress, whose name matches to Hazrat Ayesha (RA), has been captured that hurt the religious sentiments of the Muslims.

The lawyer termed such act a crime under article 28 of the Digital Security Act.

Besides, the Censor Board also committed a crime by giving permission to the exhibition of the movie, the letter said.