Moushumi in new avatar

Moushumi in new avatar

Popular film star Arifa Parvin Moushumi has appeared before her fans in a new avatar for the first time as a Radio Jokie (RJ) in ABC Radio 89.2 FM. She has been hosting a radio show called ‘Drinko Float presents Moushumi Hawa’.

The show was aired for the first time on last Sunday where Moushumi interacts with her fans and asks to send her texts.

Moushumi has already a huge fan base for her natural beauty and acting in Bangla movies for decades. This time she took a challenge for her new identity to reach her fans as a RJ.
She received a proposal for RJ three months earlier.

Speaking of her new experience Moushumi said, “I am really pleased to interact directly with my fans and I really like it.”

Every Sunday from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm Moushumi will be there at Radio ABC 89.2 FM.

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