BTRC cancels 48 ISP licenses

BTRC cancels 48 ISP licenses

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) cancelled licenses of 48 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on renewal grounds.Of the total, 25 ISPs were nationwide license holders while 23 ISPs were central zone.

BTRC made the announcement of the cancellation of the license, and said as per the licensing guidelines, ISPs have to apply to BTRC for renewal before 180 days of the expiry of the license of five years’ duration.But, the ISPs did not apply for licensing renewal and that is why BTRC has cancelled the licenses.

BTRC also declared any activities of these ISPs fully illegal and cautioned that it would take legal measures as per the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act 2001 if these ISPs get engaged in any activities further.

Besides, the telecom regulator directed these ISPs to pay the outstanding dues within one month of the announcement, otherwise legal measures would be taken under Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001 and Public Demand Recovery Act, 1913.