Youth participation in election:Bangladesh is waiting for miracle

Youth participation in election:Bangladesh is waiting for miracle

Faijul Islam Fahim

In this Election more than 2 and half million youth are new voters.All political parties want their support to establish their govt.These great number of youth population can change the election environment at any time.Though various parties want their support, consent but it is not easy to revealing the support of youth.Todays youth are more modern, aware and unique in their opinion. They obviously choose a party by which they can ensure their basic needs,correct working place,their goal and abolish unemployment problem.They also believe that the chronic problems will not be solved overnight. On the other hand who can solve their problems as much as possible the youth support will go towards the way round.The educated youth society not be affected by any colorful alluring manifestation.Todays juvenile are much more capable to establish their opinion, to establish their right.So there was no chance to elect an extortionist, enlisted terrorist also such kind of personality.

22 parcents current voters are within 18 to 22 years.To determine the results of this election the support of these youth is predominant.In eleven parliamentary election the youth society can change the public leader.So the youth are the Gems and savior of this mysterious election.

In the election of 5th January, 2014 there are also 1crore 37 million youth voters.But in 11th parlamentary election they are turns into more than 2 crore 50 millions. The number of youth is quite big to going to vote for the first time.They are the one parcent of four total voters.The political parties goal to attract the young voters.Also the political parties activities move forward keeping the statistics ahead.Theexpartssay,if they want support of the youth they have to creating beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of voting.

People Who was born just before 2000, they are called generation Z,a large part of them not connected to Politics. They think of themselves as a global citizens and they are also technological generation . To get their votes the political parties have to look at their needs.Literally this is true,just like daylight. They are Unmarginable in the elections.

In 2008,Bangladesh AwamiLeage created Digital Bangladesh concept for youth.The youth accepted the concept and Awami league won.According to Awami League Policy makers there will be innovation and amazement in continuation of Digital Bangladesh Concept for the youth society.We saw in recent elections the youth are the grater power and source of Awami League. Like always Awami also create new annotation for them.Furthermore, Quota Reform one of the great success Of Awami League Government. The youth took it as positive.

On the other side,BNP think a large part of youth antipathy to the ruling Govt for Quota Reform Movement. They added that the safe Road movement changed the outlook of the youth because Govt’s adverse behaviour injured the youth intensely. So the BNP also want softcorner of the youth,Some of the leaders of BNP think the youth also bias to BNP.But time will see everything.

The situation of all the young people of the generation like me.The quality of Bangladeshi politics changed,visible in the political parties nomination. All parties want the vote of young Society. However, What the youth dislike,

1.Ideal and morality untouched leader

2.Corrupted and social contaminated people.

3.Opposition Ideology of liberation war.

4.People of revengeful attitude

5.Biased or fanatic politicians

6.Captious people, politicians

7.Familydom politics

There are also more causes what the youth dislike. One thing is clear that the current generation obviously bias to liberation war.A survey say that todays youth extremely fond of freedom fighters. By writings,novel,history, poem they knew their root and who are opposition of our liberation war.Our liberation war is not a inspirational icon, it is our part and percel of our daily life.Young people want to do something different like freedom fighters.Todays movement will be against corruption, nepotism,Negligence,Traitorsetc.They have to give scope to stand against those malpracticers.For this reason, they need such kind of leader who talk about the youth,see their problems, also solve their problem.Furthermore, who create Such supportive coexistence among them he will be the youth leader.

This election is not just a ordinary election. This election involved with millions of youths dream. No matter who will be elected, he have to take responsibility of the Juvenility.Every year huge amount of unemployment people enter into our economics.It is one kind of Supreme barrier to flourish our economic growth and be a developed country.At any cost we have to get rid of this malign problem.

Youth want their merit evaluation, the pollution free environment,improved communication etc. Their expectations for a terrorism and a drugs free Bangladesh. Ignoring all kinds of convertism,inability, prejudice they want to tell story of their success. They want to apply Bangabandhus Ideals and philosophy of their life.Removing all dirt,the youth will make future Bangladesh, it is our expectation.

There is a wise saying, “The new leadership brings new messages and new light.” We eagerly waiting for youth leadership. A massage for all stay good,stay with youth. Because they themselves are future Bangladesh. Joy Bangla