TODAY TIMES has entered five years

TODAY TIMES has entered five years

The online news portal Today Times has entered the 5th year. The popular news media, starting on December 16 in 2014. Today, the Today Times has reached the 5th year At the end of 4 years journey. The portal, published in English and Bangla, has already been able to gain popularity around the world.

The media has been propagating the news of the incident happening outside the country and the country, the media is spreading the news. The reader’s heart has conquered the news by maintaining true facts and neutrality for 4 years. This media, published in Bangladesh, has international readers in nearly 50 countries.

The 4th anniversary of the Today Times is celebrated by cutting a cake in Uttara on the occasion of the 4th year of success.

The program members of Today Times including journalists, human rights activists, businessmen, teachers, political personalities were present. In the meantime, journalist Oli said, “Today Times will make life a place in the heart of the reader by publishing objective news.” Sharif Hassan, director of renowned business and hotel Li chateau, said that the Times has become the confidence of the people to deliver true and in-depth news. Shaheen Cadet School and College teacher Rakibul Hasan Babul and Shah Alam wish the future success of Today Times.