Bus fare still high on different routes

Bus fare still high on different routes

Bus fares are still high though ‘sitting service’ buses have been banned from Sunday.

A few buses were seen plying roads in the capital on Sunday morning, leaving passengers standing for hours for buses.

Passenger buses are taking fares, which are higher than that fixed by the government.

The lowest fare of ‘Shuprovat Paribahan’, which runs from Sadarghat to Gazipur, is Tk 7. But the government-fixed fare is Tk 5.

Earlier, the fare of Shuprovat Paribahan’ was Tk 10 from Sadarghat to Rampura.
But now the bus is taking Tk 15.

‘Manjil’ and ‘Balaka’ transport services, which ply on Jatrabari-Sayedabad route, ‘Shatabdi’ and ‘Azmeri’, running from Motijheel to Gulistan, and ‘Provati Bonosri’ have closed sitting services. But their lowest fare range from Tk 8 to Tk 10/15.

The government has fixed Tk 1.60 as fare for per kilometer. But the buses are taking almost double.