Rohan has returned but as a dead body

Rohan has returned but as a dead body

Rohan Imtiaz, an assailant who took part in the attack of Holey Artisan Restaurant was a former student of Scholastica School.He was missing since March this year and his family had been searching for him since then. But they could not get any trace of Rohan.


Rohan’s Father Babul Imtiaz was a teacher before but now involved in various sports related organization. Babul Imtiaz is active in Awami League politics.


Rohans mother is a teacher of Scholastica School. Rohan was living with his parents in Mohammadpur area of capital. After missing, his father Babul posts a status in his facebook timeline appealing his son to return home on June 21. Babul wrote in his post, “Baba, where are you, please comeback.”


How Babuls’s appeals will reach to his son? His brain had already been washed by militant group where parents or family is a silly matter. The latest news is that Rohan has returned but as a dead body. Rohan along with his five associates have killed 20 peoples and later they were killed in military operation.