Nepal hits out at India for raking up rights issue at UNHRC

Nepal hits out at India for raking up rights issue at UNHRC

Staff Correspondent, Today Times

Kathmandu: Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Friday hit out at India for raking up alleged conflict-era human rights violation at the UN, saying the issue has no relevance as Nepal had completed the peace process under the direct monitoring of the world body itself.
Oli also said that India’s ‘undeclared blockade’ of key border points has “opened our eyes and now we will focus our attention towards developing alternatives”.
Nepal is currently at the receiving end of the blockade which is ‘more inhuman than a war’, he told a delegation of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), the umbrella organisation of Nepalese journalists at the Prime Minister’s Office at Singhdurbar secretariat.
“The people of Nepal have to bear the burden of unofficial blockade imposed on them (by India) even as the wound of great earthquake is still not healed properly.
“Our close neighbour has opened our eyes. I will render efforts to bail the country out of the existing crisis, maintaining our national independence, dignity and national integrity,” he added.
Regarding India raking up issues, including conflict-era human rights violation and formation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, during a UN preview meeting in Geneva two days ago, Oli pointed out that India “must be aware that UN was involved in the peace process that started in Nepal with the end of the decade-long insurgency” in 2006.He said that such issues had, hence, no relevance at all.
Oli alleged that India has obstructed the supply of fuel, LPG, medicines and other essentials on the pretext of the agitation launched by Indian-origin Madhesis in the Terai region, while allowing few trucks carrying vegetables into Nepal.
“We will construct more hydro power plants so that we can get rid of current load shedding problem and reduce our dependency on imported fuel,” he said.
Oli said that while promulgating the new constitution on September 20, “most of the demands of the Madhesi communities have already been addressed and if there is any remaining issue it could be resolved through dialogue”, FNJ president Mahendra Bista told PTI.
The government is ready to address the genuine issues raised by the Madhesis, he said.“Our constitution is nonetheless advanced than any other democratic country,” he claimed.
“The content of our constitution is more far more advanced and inclusive than those countries which have raised question about its inclusiveness,” he said, hinting towards India which had advised Nepal to consider the interests of Madhesis while promulgating the new Constitution.
“We are ready to hold debate and discussion in this matter with anyone,” he said, adding that the government is making efforts to resolve the problems by holding talks with the agitating groups in Terai region. “We have been calling on the agitating groups to come for talks.”
The current problem facing the country is the result of “imported agenda” carried by certain elements, Oli said, adding “Nepalese people will not bow under the pressure under any circumstances.”    —PTI