Comprehensive cyber law on the cards: Inu

Comprehensive cyber law on the cards: Inu

Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu has said the government is working to formulate a comprehensive cyber law to deal with online criminals.


“A draft of the comprehensive cyber law is now under assessment. The government is sincere about its pledge to contain cyber crimes,” he said.


The minister came up with the disclosure at a views-exchange meeting with local journalists organised by the district information office at Sunamganj Circuit House on Friday night.


Once the new cyber law is enacted, Inu said, it will help ensure the privacy of individuals and the state security on the internet.


He also called upon the online media to practise ethical journalism instead of promoting yellow journalism, sensationalism and providing false and misleading information.


The minister told the meeting that if anyone is engaged in harassing people through online, cyber bullying or inciting communal violence on the internet, then they will legally be charged with under Section 57 of the existing Penal Code.