Yes, I had sex with Shahid Afridi: Arshi Khan

Yes, I had sex with Shahid Afridi: Arshi Khan

In a sensational revelation, model and actress Arshi Khan told news website IndiaNewsNetwork.IN that she has had sex with Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Another Indian website had a few days ago claimed that they have “evidence” and ‘proof’ of Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi‘s so-called private meeting with Bollywood actress Arshi Khan in a luxury hotel in Dubai. Arshi Khan had recently denied that she was having any “affair” with Afridi and claimed that they were just good friends.


Speaking to IndiaNewsNetwork.IN, Manish Pandey, the editor of the website had alleged that Arshi Khan spent an entire day and night with Shahid Afridi in a Dubai 7-star hotel. While, the Pakistani media has made the story into an India-Pakistan mud-slinging matter, alleging that Indian websites always try to defame Pakistani cricketers, Manish Pandey said that they have photographs of Arshi Khan holidaying in a Dubai hotel with Shahid Afridi. However, Pandey did not show IndiaNewsNetwork.IN any of the photographs, but said that he will reveal the photographs when the time comes.


According to the website report, a top source in Dubai suggested that Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi spent a secret, passionate holiday in Dubai with Mumbai model Arshi Khan. They even stayed together for 1-2 days at a 7-star hotel in Dubai, says our source. However, our source who was privy to the entire episode told us that model and actress Arshi Khan who is originally from Bhopal, but has now made Mumbai her home and Afridi may have a long distance relationship brewing between them, with the rendezvous location being Dubai. Arshi Khan regularly visits Dubai every 2-3 months and our source told us that she would visit Dubai to meet up with Afridi.


Speaking to Arshi Khan yesterday at a press briefing, we came to know that the duo did actually have some physical intimacy between them. Arshi Khan was not ready to reveal any details and only kept repeating, “Shahid Afridi and I are just friends”. However, when IndiaNewsNetwork.IN confronted Arshi Khan with some hard evidence including the name of the hotel and in whose name the suite room was booked, she agreed that she and Afridi had indeed spent some “private moments together”. Upon prodding, Arshi Khan quipped, “Yes I slept with Afridi. So what? Do I need your permission to do so? I am single and not married. I can sleep with a man if I like him. I like Afridi and it was love at first sight. Even Afridi reciprocated my feelings. I first met him at The Taj Mahal hotel at Colaba in South Mumbai. We became friends and kept in touch on phone and chat. We met two more times at Dubai and on one occasion, we had sex or rather I should say “made love”. I do not regret the incident. I did not want to reveal all these personal details as its my private life and besides I know that Afridi is married. But the media is hounding me day and night, so I better tell them what they want to hear and get over with the entire deal,” Arshi Khan revealed , adding that she is now not in touch with Afridi, but still considers him among one of her best friends.


“My family is in Pakistani. I am originally of Afghani-Pakistani descent. After the partition when India and Pakistan were created and in the turmoil that ensured some of my family moved to India while the rest stayed back in Pakistan. I have many relatives in Pakistan and in Dubai. So I visit Dubai very often. Why is the media interested in my private life. I can sleep with any man I love and it is nobody’s business, Arshi Khan said.