Humayun Sir’s Rupa is my favourite character: Badhon

Humayun Sir’s Rupa is my favourite character: Badhon

What do you feel about your new avatar as judge of “Ha Show”? 

Badhon: It’s a totally different experience for me and also very tough. When I got an offer to judge the comedy show it seemed a really interesting project. I’m really enjoying every moment of the programme.

What is life like as an actress?

Badhon: I am driven to act. Once I played the role of a slum woman. It gave me a lot of satisfaction to portray the character. I want to play more such roles.

What is your dream character?

Badhon: Rupa, the heroine of Humayun Ahmed’s novel. I think my face closely resembles that of Rupa.  If Humayun sir were alive, I would readily take on the role.

What was the turning point of your career?

Badhon: Lux Superstar. Before participating in the beauty pageant, I had no clue about acting; after that I came into the spotlight.

How do you spend your free time?

Badhon: Most of the time I hang out with my kid. These are moments I really treasure.

What’s your dream for your child?

Badhon: I want to see my daughter become a good human being. She is now a student of Sunbeams School.

What was your childhood dream?

Badhon: As my father is an engineer, I dreamt of following suit. At one stage I also wanted to be a doctor. After all those early ambitions, I’m now a dentist besides being an actress.