Ershad snubs BNP praise

Ershad snubs BNP praise

Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on Tuesday claimed BNP is the party that has done the utmost damage to the country’s politics “Who ruined the country most? BNP. They damaged country’s politics most. They started politics of vengeance here. They ruined Upazila system. Now they are praising my criticisms. When they are on the verge of destruction they started praising Ershad,” he said.


“Their praise proves that Jatiya Party is in a better position than BNP,” he added. Ershad, also the special envoy to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, came up with the remarks at a views-exchange meeting with Sylhet District JaPa leaders at his Banani office in reaction to the BNP’s support over his recent remarks that “a suffocating environment” is prevailing in the country where there is no scope to wage protests, UNB reports.


Taking a swipe at the government and country’s current situation, the JaPa chief alleged there is no administration, or rule of law in the country at present.


“This is a government of lawlessness. There is no security of the lives of the people. If there is an election held in the country in current situation, you know well how many seats the government would manage to bag,” he added.


The former military ruler further said people don’t want a society where teachers and women got assaulted.


Observing that government’s men are occupying land, rivers and canals which result in waterlogging in the city, Ershad urged people to save the country from such unlawful acts.