Had Bangladesh wished to do so?

Had Bangladesh wished to do so?

The moral rights that are denied to millions of students. The race had been weakened by the economic way. Increases the prices are out of reach of the general public. That the millions of people who eat out every day begging.


Student on the road for protest Vat on education

Sufferings of the population of this country are now facing difficulties at the moment, they are passing through a difficult life. The increased chili, onion and vegetable prices. But the small businessmen and employees did not increase revenue.

Recently, on September 9 015 students of private universities in the country to protest the government’s decision regarding the recovery of tax charged on the capital’s main roads replayed.

For the same reason the students in their protest on September 8 on the road when the police opened fire.

child sleeping on the way

THE street child sleeping on the way

Non-political organization in the country against the tax imposed on students and the general public.

Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan in 1971. Then, verius political party comes to power.

But the common people a taste of true freedom have not yet.

At a variety of different political parties came to power, there is no development for the people could not do without their own interests.

Before the war, people in the mainland have been abused in many ways by the government of Pakistan.

These people are the victims of war in an attempt to survive, has achieved independence.

political abuse

Peoples Suffering Political Abuse

But they are still the victims of 40 years of independence passed.

The opposition political parties in power at the time of the violence has been on the Prohibition of vengeance.

So The country’s economic, social, educational sectors including disaster coming down.

The state wants to get rid of the ordinary people of this country. Bring a stable situation in the country they are seeking to improve the state of the assist.


Written By – Tanzimul Hasan Ma’az

Editor : todaytimes24.com