Anupam Roy enthralls Chittagong

Anupam Roy enthralls Chittagong


We have the same language and culture. It takes only half an hour to come to Bangladesh from West Bengal. Why then do we have such elaborate procedures to come here? I have no faith in passports and visas,” said a popular West Bengal-based lyricist-composer and singer Anupam Roy. He was performing at an outstanding musical night at the auditorium of Institutes of Engineers’ Bangladesh (IEB), Chittagong on Saturday evening. Talaash Media and Entertainment and Brand Media jointly organised the programme.

Fulsome in his praise for the natural beauty of the port city, the singer said he had visited the capital of the country earlier but this time Chittagong’s beauty had won his heart.

“It’s drizzling; I have enjoyed the beauty of the river Karnaphuli and have seen many small and big vessels on the sea. A strange charm has grasped my heart,” Anupam added.

While expressing his feelings about the city, the artiste performed his song “Audbhut Mugdhota Mugdhota” before the audience.

Interspersed with the performances, the famed singer shared the stories behind the songs. His conversation and mesmerising performance kept music aficionados glued to their chairs for over one and half hours. The audience also enjoyed the songs from contemporary films that had gained popularity in both India and Bangladesh.

Indian singer Ujjaini also performed at the programme.

The programme started with the song “Firiye Deyar Gaan”. Following the performance, Anupam rendered the songs “Bariye Dao Tomar Haat”, “Ekhon Onek Raat” and “Bashanta Eshe Gechhe” successively.


Ujjaini, then, took the centre stage and the duo rendered “Journey Song”.  Later she performed her solo song “Ei to Ami Chai”.

Anupam narrated how he gave up his lucrative engineering job in Bangalore after his songs like “Amake Amar Moto Takte Dao” and “Bariye Dao Tomar Haat” gained popularity.

The programme ended with the vastly popular number “Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao” which was created, according to Anupam, at an agonising juncture in his life.