Awami League has beaten insane Zaheer for paddy slogans

Everyone in the area named Zaheer Pagla as one. Eats if you eat, or it is a fungus. Dr. Jalal, the pioneer of rice seed, will start formal campaign in Chandpur-2 constituency today.

Zahir went crazy with others after hearing the news. At 1:00 pm, Dr. Jalal went to the Ludhua graveyard to go to the grave of his late father and mother.

Local Awami League leaders were attacked by untimely attacks. Zaheer’s crazy nature greeted him with a slogan of ‘rice ear, rice rice’. Where did it go, shaking his head with a stick, Zaheer pagla (insane Zahir) was broken.

However, police fired several rounds of firing in order to disperse the attackers. Some cars are vandalized. At least 10 leaders of BNP were injured.



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